We are the leading manufacturer of Extruders for PVC Pipes, PVC Conduct Pipes, PVC Profiles, PVC flexible Profile, Cable Coating, Tubing, PVC Films, Compounding and Screw and Barrel for every extrusion plant for last 30 years. At present we cater to almost top companies in manufacturing of Machinery for Pipes, Profiles, Cables and Films etc…

We have adopted a direct sell approach, as we believe in total customer satisfaction. We believe that needs of customers can only be met, once they are correctly understood. We therefore guide the customer from the initial stage of helping him making the right choice of Extruder to successfully running it…

At Amit Plast and Manufacturing Corporation, our Mission with every project is to make sure that our customers get : -

The right product.
In the quantity ordered.
In the right condition.
At the right time and place.
All at a very competitive price.


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