Twin Screw Extruder

Counter Rotating parallel Screw machined on CNC " WMW " Germany make thread milling machines by simulation software for better performance.

Compact & realiable gear box.

Two piece barrel construction for economical replacement.

Digital melt temperature and back pressure indicator for easy monitoring.

Synchronization of drives of extruder, feeder & haul off enables ease of operation.

A high specific output always mean high material through put at low screw sppeds. This results in low shear stress

The extruders are equipped with vertical feeders for processing of a wide range of different formulations

 AC variable frequency drive - Optional

Hopper loader - Optional


Model HPMC


Screw Diameter


Screw Speed

5-50 rpm

L/D Ratio


Main Motor

30 HP

Min. Pipe OD

20 mm

Max. Pipe OD

200 mm

L/D Ratio

200 Kg/hr.


Die Head
Different mandrels range 16mm - 400mm

The Concept of spider die gurantees outstanding product characterstics for PVC material. Moreover large range of pipe diameter save considerable time in change over. It is highly resistant to high milt pressure and gives high output even at smaller pipe sizes due to smooth flow of plastic melt.


Water Tank

Pipe Haul Off Unit

Intensive Coling of the pipe with the help of numbers of spray noozels.

Axial adjustment of tank on slide rails with locking arrangement.

Transverse movement and height adjustment of tank.

Self Cleaning type spray noozles with wide opening for intensive cooling of the pipe.

Acrylic transparent cover for easy inspection.

Twin & multi-track system.

Track can be adjusted for different sizes of pipes 20mm to 250mm.

Synchronizesd with extruder with the help of AC frequency drive.

Gap between two tracks adjusted pneumatically.

V-groove rubber pads mounted on chain with proper tensioning to prevent ovality even for large diameter & thin wall pipes.

Cutting Unit

Tipping Chute

Carborundum cutter for less wastage during cutting

Smooth and Clean Cut

Movement With the Help of pneumatic cylinders

Clamping force can be adjusted to accomodate different wall thickness

Limit switch is provided to sense particular length

Operated with pneumatic cylinder for pipe stacking.


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